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Cosmetic Tattooing

  Imagine the luxury of always having perfect brows, eyes and lips and never having to worry about smudges, runs or that panda-eye look! When swimming, snow or water skiing, gym or doing any physical activities you will never again be worried about your appearance not to mention how much time and money you’ll save never having to apply and remove expensive make ups.


Cosmetic Tattooing also known as Permanent Make Up or Micro-Pigmentation, is long lasting, usually 2 – 4 years . Cosmetic Tattoo has been practiced in the Middle East and Asian countries for hundreds of years. Even Cleopatra had Kohl pigmented into her skin, just as many of today’s stars have permanent cosmetics. Now a very accepted part of services in the beauty industry, it is readily available to the public. Modern technology has improved the techniques replacing manual application with machinery, which has reduced time, application, discomfort and improved accuracy with make up design and shaping allowing a soft, subtle make up or a more dramatic look. Cosmetic tattoo may be used in many areas,  the most popular are eyebrows, eyeliner and lips.


Rachel Perry, owner of Boutique Lashes, is fully qualified in Cosmetic Tattooing – read more about her and her Cosmetic Tattooing work at 


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Prices depending on which technique and amount of tattooing required to obtain the desired look, the following prices are an approximate costing, you will be informed of your full costs at your consultation.  Consultation fee is $49 and is deducted from your procedure fees if you choose to go ahead.  All procedure require 2-3 session and costs can be spread over these sessions.



Lash Enhancement $450 (top only)

Eyeliner (top & bottom)  $550Lips Cosmetic Tattooing

Eyebrows  –  $650

Full Lip or Lip Blend  $750

Lip Liner $550


** Correctional work and top ups quoted per treatment.


Actually clients below:-




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