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Eyelash Extensions

We pride ourselves on the quality and creativity we use when applying eyelash extensions, and we are confident you will feel relaxed and comfortable whilst undergoing any procedure at Boutique Lashes.


Using the latest technique grafting – 1 false eyelash is applied to 1 natural eyelash for Single Eyelash Extensions and 5 fine lashes per 1 natural Lash for Russian Volume Lashes (also known as 5D lashes). We apply eyelash extensions that will NOT damage your natural eyelashes. We use the highest quality products for eyelash lengthening and thickening to create exciting new looks such as natural, glamorous or dramatic. Depending on the look required eyelash extensions will take approximately 1 hour to apply a full set and 25 – 35 minutes for refills.


Rachels Wedding DaySmall

Eyelash Extensions Pricelist    


Full Set of  Single Eyelash Extensions                       $120


Normal Single Refills (usually 2-3 weeks)                 $60*


Large Single Refills (usually 3-4 weeks)                   $80*


Half Set of Single Eyelash Extensions                       $90


Half Set Single Normal Refills ( 2-3 weeks)              $50


Russian Volume Lashes (5D) Full Set                       $140


Russian Volume Normal Refill (2-3 weeks)              $70*


Russian Volume Large Refill (3-4 weeks)                $90*


** Refill prices differ based on the amount of work needed to return your lashes to a full set.


**** This Photo is of one of Rachel’s eyelash extensions clients’ who had her lashes done for her wedding day. The client was so happy with her lashes that she sent Rachel this photo showing how great her lashes looked for her special day!



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